E-TENDER cum auction Notice

KCMMF invites e-Tender cum Auction for supply of Raw Materials noted below for cattle feed production as per the details given below. Bidders, who are interested to participate in the e-tender, should have valid Digital Signing Certificate and with this Digital Signing Certificate, they must have enrolled in the web site "www.etenders.kerala.gov.in" with free of cost and having no EMD as bidder.

E-tender help desk No 0471­-2577088, 0471-25577188.

  • (1) Maize - 2021May
    - 700 MT for CFP Pattanakad
  • (2) Deoiled Rice Bran - 2021NOV
    - 1000 MT for CFP Pattanakad
  • (3) De-corticated Cotton Seed Extraction-2020FEB
    - 100 MT for CFP Pattanakad
  • (4) Rice Polish White Oil 18% Oil - 2021May
    - 300 MT for CFP Pattanakad
  • (5) Maize - 2021May
    - 500 MT for CFP Malampuzha
  • (6) Deoiled Rice Bran - 2021NOV
    - 700 MT for CFP Malampuzha
  • (7) De-corticated Cotton Seed Extraction-2020FEB
    - 100 MT for CFP Malampuzha
  • (8) Rice Polish White Oil 18% Oil - 2021May
    - 200 MT for CFP Malampuzha

  • All participants in the e-Tender will be allowed to participate in the e-Auction platform in the same web site in continuation of the e-Tender. The e-Auction process commences as per the date and time prescribed below. The base rate of the e-auction will be the lowest rate received in the e-Tender. E-Auction will continue for a minimum of 30 minutes time and the amount for reverse auction slot will be specified in the e-Auction portal.

    Bid Details:

    Bid Closing date : 24-05-2022 09:00 am

    Bid Opening date : 25-05-2022 09:00 am

    E-auction commences after opening of Financial Bid for a duration of 30 minutes.

Further any purchase related queries, please contact KCMMF 0471-2786416 ,0471-2786415