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Milma Instant Palada Mix

Palada Payasam is a traditional delicacy of Kerala, the preparation of which is laborious, time consuming and requires professional skill. It is made by concentrating high fat milk, rice granules and sugar. Milma has standardized its own large scale production process for the instant palada mix which is made available in dry powder form. Milma palada payasam is easily prepared from this mix by simply mixing the palada mix with hot milk and heating the same for 10 minutes. Available in 200 g packs. No artificial colours or flavours are used in the product.

Semiya Mix

Semiya Mix is tasty payasam mix consisting of Vermicelli, Sugar, Cashew Nut and dry grapes. It is available in 250g Packing.

Wheat Ada Mix

The traditional Wheat Ada Pradhaman can be prepared with this Milma Instant Wheat Ada Payasam within 20 minutes. The product is available in 250g Packing.

Palada Pradhaman

Palada Pradaman is an innovative product based on ready to drink concept. It has all the essential qualities of a Palada Pradhaman and is available in 200g tins.The special technology adopted for making this product help us to store this product up to 45 days without using any artificial preservatives.

Milma Peda

A natural milk toffee manufactured by the heating and removal of a major portion of the water content of fresh milk and by the addition of sugar. No colour or preservatives are added. Natural carotene in the milk gives the product its characteristic colour. Ideal for children and as an after-food sweet. Available in packs of 15 g, 150 g and 750 g

Gift Peda

It is the product made from natural milk and sugar. Artificial colours and preservatives are not included in this product. This Peda can be given to children as gift and it can also be consumed after food as dessert. It is available in 228g packing

Milma Milky Jack

Reap the goodness of Jack fruit through milma's milky Jack with added jackfruit pulps

Coconut Burfi

Coconut Burfi is a new product made from pure cow milk and coconut. The product is special for its unique combination of Milma Milk and coconut without losing the goodness of both . It is available in 150g packing.

Ghee Biuscuit

As the name indicates this special biscuit is made using pure Milma Ghee. It is available to customers in 144g packing at a reasonable price. No preservatives and artificial colors are added in this product for preserving the natural taste and smell.

Butter Cookies

Milma Butter Cookies is a tasty new product introduced from the house of Milma. It is free from preservatives and the product can be consumed by people of all age groups. It is available in 70g packings.

Fresh Cream

Pasteurised cream is made from cream separated from pure milk. It can be used for making bakery items and it can also be added to certain vegetarian dishes for making them tasty. It is available in 200 ml Packets.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is a desiccated milk product manufactured by mixing Milk Khoa, Maida and Skimmed Milk Powder, converting the mix into balls and then by frying the balls in ghee. The fried balls when soaked in sugar syrup turn out into delicious Gulab jamun, which is then packed in sterilized tins.

Milma Ghee Cake

Cakes are healthy too, try a sliced piece of goodness

Milma Butter Pudding Cake

Cakes are healthy too, try a sliced piece of goodness with the blend of Carrot and dry fruits