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Central Products Dairy - Alappuzha

Central Products Dairy is the only dairy under the direct control of K.C.M.M.F. Ltd. The present installed processing capacity of this dairy is 1 lakhs litres of milk per day. CPD Manufacture and market different variants of Milk such as Double Toned Milk, Homogenized Toned Milk and Homogenized Standard Milk.CPD also produces a wide variety of products such as Curd, Sambharam( Butter Milk), Agmark Grade Ghee, Sterilized Flavored Milk in Glass bottles and pet jars, Dairy Whitener and Milma Mango RTS in pet bottles. Apart from these products Central Products Dairy also markets products such as Milma Mango Refresh in tetra pack, Flavoured milk and fruit juices in cans, Milk Shake in Tetra Pack, Milma Shudhi Toned Milk in Tetra Pack and packaged drinking water. Our Products are maintaining highest standards in Quality and well accepted in the Market. New Products are regularly introduced based on market situation and Demand. During Covid-19 outbreak CPD started Good Health Series in Flavoured Milk Segment with Aswagantha and Saffron Milk and Immune Booster with natural ingredients of Turmeric, Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon and Tulsi which are having very high demand. CPD had under taken numerous activities for improving the quality of the products and its systems including installation of FTIR Milk Analyzer for testing of Milk including adulterants. We also have a well equipped microbiological and Chemical Laboratory managed by highly qualified professionals for continuous monitoring the quality of Products The Dairy is certified with ISO:9000:2015 and ISO:22000:2018 from IRQS (NABCB Approved certification body).