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Deliza Milk Chocolate

Milma brings in all that the chocolate connoisseur missed for years in the subcontinent. The delicate aromas of premium cocoa beans have produced a chocolate with a delectable sensorial profile and a taste that draws you back for more.

Deliza with Almonds and Orange

Call it the most unique flavour in the category of dark chocolate or simply an irresistible indulgence. The zest of orange, its tang and the wholesomeness of rich almonds, when tuned into dark chocolate, oozes extremely unique delight. Apart from its gorgeous taste, orange and almonds combine nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin K. So, this variant is uniquely rich to try for!

Deliza with Almonds and Raisins

A perfect touch of luscious raisins and almonds drenched in dark chocolate is a new treat both for the taste and good health. Surprisingly, it is a bittersweet wonder of its own kind! An excellent source of fibre; raisins are cholesterol-free and helps reduce the risk of gout and arthritis. So, all the health benefits of almonds, raisins and dark chocolate come in handy in this pack.

Deliza Dark Chocolate

With premium cocoa , this Intense Dark Chocolate is one of the most loved dark variants . A delectable sensorial experience in every bite is intensely felt. There is no dearth adding that this one is such a dark delight that will draw you back for more to relish. When dark chocolate is good for the heart, this intensely dark chocolate should be a delectable way of a happy heart.


Granola delivers great snacking delight plus much-needed nutrients. From rice crispies to oat flakes, granola is good to fill healthy elements in the body. And richly roasted almonds add another goodie surprise. All hail to pure dark chocolate with these ingredients and it becomes a healthy Chocofull.