# Frozen Dairy Products

Cup Butter Scotch

Milma Sip-up

It is an ice- lolly made available in two varieties – Milk Sip-up and Water Sip-up. Both are packed in elongated and tubular pouches, which can be broken by biting into it. The contents are then consumed by sipping at the broken end. Made by using pure milk, pasteurized water, sugar and permitted flavours. A favourite of school children especially during hot weather.


Mixture of tasty ice-cream and tooty fruity encircled with oven fresh spong cake. It is a delicious snack rich in milma cream.


Made from pure milk cream (unlike many private brands who vend “Frozen desserts “ made from cheap vegetable fats in the guise of Ice – cream), this is a real ice cream made available in various flavours and packs. Produced hygienically in ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP certified production facility.Milma ice-cream, is available in a range of lip smacking flavours: vanila, chocolate, mango, strawberry and fruit & nut.

Choco Bar

This is a stick ice cream having chocolate as an outer layer and vanilla flavoured ice-cream inside.

Cone Icecream

This is an ice-cream which is filled in a dry cone-shaped pastry, made of a wafer which enables ice-cream to be held in the hand and eaten without a bowl or spoon.


This is an ice-cream in which cardamom & saffron flavours are used and filled in moulded container.