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Milma - The Farmer's Organisation

Milma is an Organisation of the farmers. They are the producers of the raw material-milk, the shareholders in the organisation and the Chairman and Board of Directors are elected from among them.

The Farmers are members of the A P C O S (Anand Pattern C-opertaive Societies). The Presidents of the APCOS form the General Body of the Regional Milk Unions, which Federate to form the KCMMF. milma provides the members of APCOS with various services at nominal / concessional prices.

Procurement of Milk : First and foremost, milma provides assured milk market and procures milk from even the remotest societies. Twice a day our milk collection trucks go to the societies and collect milk. In areas which are not accessible by road, other means of collections are employed.

Veterinary Service : Our veterinary services are the most popular component of our input activities. The veterinary wing operates two types of veterinary routes, regular and emergency.

Cattle feed Plants: Balanced cattle feed is the major centralised input provided to the dairy farmers of the State from the Federation. There is a high level of acceptability for this product in the market.

Training Centre : In keeping with the ideology of placing the instruments of progress in the hands of the farmers themselves. An orientation programme is offered to the farmers to equip them with the basic and the fundamentals of co-operatives, accounting, testing, laws etc. A full-fledged training Centre is functioning at Trichur. Co-operative Development Activities : The inherent togetherness brought about by being a part of a Society was seen as a potential platform for disemination of related information and discussion of various issues that crop up in the normal village life style. Thus was born the idea of a Co-operative Development Wing which held activities that saw the village as a whole and the Society a nodal point, ie these activities went one step ahead by seeing the milk suppliers not merely as a farmer member but went on to see them as a part of the farbric of the village. The issues dealt with human health aspects, nutrution aspect, scientific managment techniques of dairying and such varied topic with the help of leading experts in the concerned where desciminated. This is more of a socially motivating exercise than an image building venture.

Embryo Transfer : In an effort to bring the results of research into the field conditions, Embryo Transfer Technology has been introduced to upgrade cattle wealth. ET was started in 1990 and so far, had a commendable 48% success rate which is comparable to the national standards.